Anritsu Instrument Calibration Services

Agile Calibration has the ability to calibrate the following Anritsu Instruments. Please contact us if you need help calibrating any of the following Anritsu products.

Manufacturer Model Description
Anritsu 560-7K50 Scalar Detector, 40GHz
Anritsu 560-97NF50-1 Scalar Detector, 18GHz
Anritsu 560-98C50A Detector Module, Autotester, 26.5GHz
Anritsu 56100A Scalar Analyzer
Anritsu 68369A Signal Generator, RF, Analog, 40GHz
Anritsu 69153A 2 GHz to 26.5 GHz Ultra Low Noise Synthesized Sweep Generator
Anritsu 69167B Signal Generator, 40GHz
Anritsu MA2422A Power Sensor, 18GHz
Anritsu MA2474A RF Power Sensor, 40GHz
Anritsu MA2482D Power Sensor, 18GHz
Anritsu MG3641N Signal Generator, 1.04GHz
Anritsu MG3692B Signal Generator, 20GHz
Anritsu MG3692C Signal Generator, 20GHz
Anritsu ML2488A Power Meter, Wideband Peak
Anritsu MP1632A Digital Data Analyzer
Anritsu MP1632C Digital Data Analyzer
Anritsu MS2036A VNA Master
Anritsu MS2711D Spectrum Analyzer, 3GHz
Anritsu MS2830A RF Spectrum Analyzer
Anritsu MS4623B Network Analyzer, 6GHz
Anritsu MU163220A 3.2G PPG
Anritsu MU163240A 3.2G ED
Anritsu MU163240A Error Detector Module
Anritsu 37269D Analyzer, Network, 40GHz
Anritsu 37347C Analyzer, Network
Anritsu 37347D Analyzer, Network
Anritsu 37369E Analyzer, Network, 40GHz
Anritsu MS2028B VNA Master
Anritsu MS2034A VNA Master
Anritsu MS2036A VNA Master
Anritsu MS2038C VNA Spectrum Master, 20GHz
Anritsu MS4623B Network Analyzer, 6GHz
Anritsu MS46322A Network Analyzer, 20GHz

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