DC & Low Frequency Test and Measurement Equipment Calibration Services

Convenient DC & Low Frequency TMDE Calibration Services Customized To Your Business

Agile Calibration is your trusted source for the best on-site DC & Low Frequency TMDE calibration in the industry. Our team makes it extremely convenient to have your test equipment calibrated efficiently and effectively right at your work bench or test station. This means less downtime, less frustration, and less cost to you.

In addition to the ease and convenience of coming directly to your equipment, Agile Calibration also offers the following assurances to all of our clients:

  • We are ISO Compliant. All of the processes and procedures we implement are in full compliance with ISO guidelines. We deliver the highest level of accuracy, traceability, and measurement reliability possible through sound metrological practices, our team’s technical expertise and the use of modern calibration standards. Our effective ISO 17025 compliant Quality Management System, which incorporates ISO-9000 and ANSI/NCSL Z540 standards requirements, provides your assurance that we are committed to quality results and your peace of mind.
  • We provide documented traceability to NIST. The use of customized and fully documented performance test procedures ensures true measurement traceability as required by ISO /IEC 17025:2005 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.
  • We have a highly trained, experienced staff. Our team has extensive experience in working with Keysight, Fluke, Tektronix, Anritsu, Keithley, Yokogawa, Aeroflex and many more. We are professionals who stay up-to-date on best practices so that you can rest assured you’re getting the best calibration services for your RF and Microwave test equipment. Our team is lead by Bill Albert, an expert in the field of metrology. Learn more about Bill here.

Our TMDE Calibration Process

When you work with Agile Calibration, we strive to exceed your expectations. Our team is comprised of specialized experts with specific backgrounds in calibrating modern and not so modern Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment and Instrumentation. Here’s what you can expect when our team visits your site for your lab or test equipment calibration:

  • Your Agile Calibration team will bring a self-contained and portable calibration ensemble to your facility. The calibration cart will be moved from station to station and bench to bench to test the performance of your equipment in-situ. Cables and connections that need to be disconnected to access specific ports on your equipment will be marked and returned to their original configuration when our team has completed testing. This method provides the most customer centric and efficient total solution for you and your internal customers.

Our TMDE calibration capabilities include:

  • Function Generators
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Multimeters
  • Signal Analyzers
  • Signal Generators
  • Hi-Pots and Meggers
  • Ground Bond Testers
  • AC & DC Current Clamp Meters
  • Voltmeters
  • AC Power Supplies
  • DC Power Supplies

Agile Calibration will cut back on your down time, saving you money and hassle when calibrating your most critical instruments.

Contact us at 833-267-3422 for a free quote for your DC and Low Frequency Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) calibration.